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This show features reliable information, strategies, stories, interviews, and ideas that may help you improve your negotiation outcomes. Although you may listen in just for fun or sport, it just might happen that you will get a needed nudge to become a better negotiator - and just maybe - a better leader as well
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Dec 18, 2017

As a former prosecutor and now Senior Judge in Minnesota, The Honorable John E. DeSanto reflects on events and career developments that allowed him to serve as a leader in public service.  His resolve and enthusiasm to lead and serve well are infectious and exemplary.

Dec 9, 2017

Amy Simpson is a writer, speaker, and author who wrote a notable book in 2013 entitled Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission. Because of the book's success and it's credible focus on a critical need, Amy has emerged as a leader in speaking to those affected by mental illness, and she helps cast a vision for those wanting to help.

In Troubled Minds, Amy tells the story of her mother when she had a complete psychotic break - when Amy was only 14 years old. This profoundly affected her mother and the whole family. Nothing was ever the same again. I read the book in a church group because it also focused on helping others to be supportive of people and families dealing with mental illness. But I also found the book to be a fine example of an author/leader at work in influencing people and bringing forth essential change.

Amy Simpson has written a number of books including: Troubled Minds - Mental Illness and the Church's Mission, and Anxious. She is a former publishing executive, and besides being a writer, she is a life and leadership coach. Amy and her husband Trevor have two children.