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This show features reliable information, strategies, stories, interviews, and ideas that may help you improve your negotiation outcomes. Although you may listen in just for fun or sport, it just might happen that you will get a needed nudge to become a better negotiator - and just maybe - a better leader as well
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Jul 19, 2017

When the book Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury came out in 1981, it became an international bestseller - and has continued to be published under multiple editions.  Why?  It was an accessible and uncomplicated guide that is still popular for it's capacity to instruct a wide range of people on how to approach negotiation.  It is not the first word on negotiation, nor will it be the last, but it has been extremely useful in engaging both the big wig and the commoner in being strategic their approach to negotiation.  

The authors problem-solving mutual-gains exploring approach at once expanded the prevalent competitive narrow focus of common negotiation practice.  It also reminded readers that we are all negotiators. 

Besides just making brief note of this still very useful book in the podcast, I also interview two people who tell some of their history with learning and practicing negotiation - and how it brings value and benefit to their lives.  Yossra and Mostafa are a young and very interesting Egyptian couple who came to the United States for Mostafa's Phd. in engineering.  They illustrate storied points that may help others get to yes in their negotiations.