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Apr 25, 2017
[spp-player]   Game wardens (the commonly used title for "conservation officers" in the U.S.) are responsible for protecting wildlife.   [spp-transcript]   They accomplish this by enforcing laws that support public safety in hunting, fishing, boating, and related recreational activities; by stopping poaching; by dealing with wildlife related crimes; and investigating environmental crimes.  Like other law enforcement officers, game wardens serve the public interests often at great personal risk due to accidents, weather conditions, hostile people, and vigorous physical challenges.  Yet many find the profession to be a satisfying opportunity to merge their outdoors interests with a meaningful career. In this episode, I speak with Darrell Hansen - a retired Minnesota game warden - about his twenty-three years of interacting with the people in the Land of 10,000 Lakes as they hunt, fish, and recreate.  It was interesting to hear from him on how people behaved in response to his authority - and to hear his ideas on having better outcomes when the game warden enters your world.