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This show features reliable information, strategies, stories, interviews, and ideas that may help you improve your negotiation outcomes. Although you may listen in just for fun or sport, it just might happen that you will get a needed nudge to become a better negotiator - and just maybe - a better leader as well
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Jan 16, 2017
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="8183628" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] In this episode, I introduced the role that reciprocity norms should serve in your negotiations. If you bargain or try to make deals without paying attention to reciprocity, you may not get the outcome you have worked for -  and you may lose your bearings on what is shaping the direction of a negotiation. Paying attention to reciprocity in a negotiation requires having an understanding and awareness of what reciprocity is all about.   [spp-transcript]    
Jan 4, 2017
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="14643531" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] In this episode, I want to highlight the pivotal role that negotiation often plays in leadership. It is not enough for leaders to have influence. An effective leader needs to have influence - yes - but you need to negotiate your way to change. One example I like to illustrate for this point comes from Martin Luther King Jr. - the celebrated civil rights leader from the mid-20th century in America.   [spp-transcript]