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Jan 28, 2018

This episode is a recording of a live FNN television interview in Accra, Ghana from January 11, 2018.  The show host Annie Afua Ampofo directs questions to Mark Nelson about his relationship with the highly esteemed leader and businessman Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom in Ghana.  She also asks Mark to share some reflections on results-oriented leadership and management.  Mark's wife Mona was in the studio as well and shared in the fuller conversation.  

Jan 17, 2018

On the Morning Edition Show for Eezy FM 107.5 in Accra, Ghana, broadcaster Larry Benson conducted a live interview on leadership with Mark Nelson.  The conversation touched on integrity, influence, accountability, respect, communication, values and other related matters that contribute to leadership development and success.  To that end - they even talked about humor.

The interview took place on January 10, 2018.  


Dec 18, 2017

As a former prosecutor and now Senior Judge in Minnesota, The Honorable John E. DeSanto reflects on events and career developments that allowed him to serve as a leader in public service.  His resolve and enthusiasm to lead and serve well are infectious and exemplary.

Dec 9, 2017

Amy Simpson is a writer, speaker, and author who wrote a notable book in 2013 entitled Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission. Because of the book's success and it's credible focus on a critical need, Amy has emerged as a leader in speaking to those affected by mental illness, and she helps cast a vision for those wanting to help.

In Troubled Minds, Amy tells the story of her mother when she had a complete psychotic break - when Amy was only 14 years old. This profoundly affected her mother and the whole family. Nothing was ever the same again. I read the book in a church group because it also focused on helping others to be supportive of people and families dealing with mental illness. But I also found the book to be a fine example of an author/leader at work in influencing people and bringing forth essential change.

Amy Simpson has written a number of books including: Troubled Minds - Mental Illness and the Church's Mission, and Anxious. She is a former publishing executive, and besides being a writer, she is a life and leadership coach. Amy and her husband Trevor have two children.

Aug 26, 2017

[spp-player] The purpose of this episode is to hear from Dave Wickstrom who retired from the Minneapolis Community Development Agency after several decades of work developing revenue and expenditure plans for public urban redevelopment projects.  In this role, negotiating redevelopment agreements - with the project manager as lead - was a key part of his job.  

Dave reflects on significant considerations for assessing negotiation issues, how to engage parties in a negotiation, things that interfere with negotiation momentum, and other related concerns for achieving desired negotiation outcomes.[/spp-transcript]  

Aug 26, 2017
[spp-player] The purpose of this episode is to hear from Dave Wickstrom - a retired project manager - who served several decades in the Minneapolis Community Development Agency.  In this work, negotiation was an essential skill and means for himself, his colleagues, and the agency as a whole for achieving development outcomes. Dave reflects on significant considerations for assessing negotiation issues, how to engage parties in a negotiation, things that interfere with negotiation momentum, and other related concerns for achieving desired negotiation outcomes.  
Jul 19, 2017

When the book Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury came out in 1981, it became an international bestseller - and has continued to be published under multiple editions.  Why?  It was an accessible and uncomplicated guide that is still popular for it's capacity to instruct a wide range of people on how to approach negotiation.  It is not the first word on negotiation, nor will it be the last, but it has been extremely useful in engaging both the big wig and the commoner in being strategic their approach to negotiation.  

The authors problem-solving mutual-gains exploring approach at once expanded the prevalent competitive narrow focus of common negotiation practice.  It also reminded readers that we are all negotiators. 

Besides just making brief note of this still very useful book in the podcast, I also interview two people who tell some of their history with learning and practicing negotiation - and how it brings value and benefit to their lives.  Yossra and Mostafa are a young and very interesting Egyptian couple who came to the United States for Mostafa's Phd. in engineering.  They illustrate storied points that may help others get to yes in their negotiations.  

May 20, 2017

During his twenty-six year tenure at the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, Steve Pfingsten was selected twenty times as the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference Coach of the Year.  In 2016 inrecognition of his exemplary leadership and tremendous success as a coach, the College of St. Scholastica inducted him into the College’s Hall of Fame.  


From a conversational interview with Steve in this episode, you can hear about his leadership thoughts and get more than just a glimpse into the heart that enabled Coach Pfingsten to influence and lead in such a way that generated outstanding results for so many people over so many years.  In just his final fourteen years of coaching alone, his teams won 22 conference championships.  This was in addition to many individual championships and awards for team members.  In 2013, he coached Chelsea Johnson to an NCAA Division III national championship.   

Apr 25, 2017
[spp-player]   Game wardens (the commonly used title for "conservation officers" in the U.S.) are responsible for protecting wildlife.   [spp-transcript]   They accomplish this by enforcing laws that support public safety in hunting, fishing, boating, and related recreational activities; by stopping poaching; by dealing with wildlife related crimes; and investigating environmental crimes.  Like other law enforcement officers, game wardens serve the public interests often at great personal risk due to accidents, weather conditions, hostile people, and vigorous physical challenges.  Yet many find the profession to be a satisfying opportunity to merge their outdoors interests with a meaningful career. In this episode, I speak with Darrell Hansen - a retired Minnesota game warden - about his twenty-three years of interacting with the people in the Land of 10,000 Lakes as they hunt, fish, and recreate.  It was interesting to hear from him on how people behaved in response to his authority - and to hear his ideas on having better outcomes when the game warden enters your world.  
Mar 4, 2017
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="11361846" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] In this episode, I had an opportunity to interview a young couple in Birmingham, Alabama - and hear a few of their stories about negotiation in their everyday lives. I wanted to hear about where they learned how to negotiate, how they have used negotiation skills in their personal and professional life, and how they feel about their ability to achieve good outcomes from negotiations.     [spp-transcript]  
Jan 16, 2017
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="8183628" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] In this episode, I introduced the role that reciprocity norms should serve in your negotiations. If you bargain or try to make deals without paying attention to reciprocity, you may not get the outcome you have worked for -  and you may lose your bearings on what is shaping the direction of a negotiation. Paying attention to reciprocity in a negotiation requires having an understanding and awareness of what reciprocity is all about.   [spp-transcript]    
Jan 4, 2017
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="14643531" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] In this episode, I want to highlight the pivotal role that negotiation often plays in leadership. It is not enough for leaders to have influence. An effective leader needs to have influence - yes - but you need to negotiate your way to change. One example I like to illustrate for this point comes from Martin Luther King Jr. - the celebrated civil rights leader from the mid-20th century in America.   [spp-transcript]  
Dec 14, 2016
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="9115708" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] The Ransom of Red Chief is an American classic short story that lends itself as an instructive backdrop for discussion about negotiation leverage.  Leverage in a negotiation is the degree to which your ability or power brings about an agreement with another party on your terms.  [spp-transcript]
Dec 13, 2016
[spp-player enclosure url="" length="8905131" type="audio/mpeg" ></enclosure>] Exercising your bargaining skills and strategies in simple negotiations can keep you sharp for bigger challenges. Improving your negotiation results in any venue is a welcome feat - with benefits. With a detailed look at a common transaction, Mark discusses strategies for success and gives reasons for you to negotiate more often than you may be inclined to.